Positively Smoke Free

Positively Smoke Free is an evolving, ongoing effort to help HIV positive patients quit smoking. For this project I took on several roles:

  • Branding
  • Animation
  • UX designer
  • Front end Developer (jQuery, HTML, CSS)
  • Video Editor

The project centered around a mobile web app and a series of 8 sessions designed to guide the patient through their journey to quitting smoking.


The logo design evolved the core image of “no smoking” to reflect the positive optimism of the project. I worked with idea of confidence, breathing easy. It eventually became suggestive of a face, using the three letters (since the title was quite long), a “+”, and figure suggesting a smile and a wisp of smoke floating away.

Initial Sketches and concepts

The rest of the project centered around the the same colorful vibrant palette to energize the users. Movement and playful animations were incorporate throughout.

I had the opportunity to animate this particular logo for the videos, so I composed a quick little jingle and made the logo build and exhale on cue.


For this project, I also used ToonBoom Harmony to animate the three other main characters in the videos: Little Me, Critical Me, and Adult Me. These animated avatars helped patients navigate through their emotions and tough situations by giving them insight into their three internal monologues. Little Me being the impulsive one that might give into weakness or Critical Me who was the admonishing voice pushing them to give in. But there was always the voice of Adult Me, the voice of reason and optimism who would help them get past the other two and offer alternative perspectives.

Adult me – the voice of reason
Little Me – the impulsive voice
Critical Me – the voice of doubt and self-loathing


The videos were shot in front of a green screen with a single lapel mic over the course of 2 days with a single actor. I composed a small music loop to play throughout and compositing the animations of the three men and the some color palette throughout each video.

All of the video uses motion graphic and animation to convey their subject matter. I storyboarded this on paper but move relatively quickly after the scripts were written to Apple Motion to create these.

Full Session 2


I worked together with a dedicate software development team to code and realize each page of the intervention, working in jQuery, HTML, and LESS.


I was involved in the initial designs and conducts paper prototyping tests with HIV patients in the clinic in NYC. They were instrumental in evolving the interface to be as simple as possible. I worked in Basalmiq to create paper prototypes which I brought to patients and talked through through several tasks and figured out where the pain points were. I received a lot of feedback about what they were interested in and what they would want to get out of the web app.

The team worked with the researcher and their focus group results to determine what would best help the patients.

  1. Provide feedback on their progress
  2. Setting a quit date
  3. Finding ways to distract themselves to deflect craving
  4. Watch video sessions each week
  5. Get help in the moment