Where I Go

A native mobile application to help women track and manage their urination habits for better bladder health and overall well-being.

  • UX Designer
  • Front end development (Vue.js, Cordova assets)
  • Branding

Our team developed overall user flows based on discussions with the researcher and her experiences with her patients. The researchers goal was to facilitate easy tracking of urination and liquid consumption patterns to help the users have better insight into how they can manage both.


I developed the identify for the app through discussions with the researchers. The app was location based, and this was something we wanted to make obvious at consent.

I always start with pencil sketching — this allows for some semantic brainstorming for core concepts which leads to visual iterations.

Initial Design Sketches (see the whole sketch sheet)

Through exploration and discussion we arrived at these core concepts for the logo and for the app itself:

  1. Location
  2. Liquid
  3. Informality
  4. Balance
  5. Movement / Fidgeting

The resulting identity: colors, typefaces and overall mood of the app were driven by these core concepts. You can view the final design brief which explains the process in greater detail.

UX Design

Initial flows were developed as a team for the overall goals of the app.

Initial flows

I developed refined user flows in Sketch. There were two main tasks of the app:

  1. Reporting when users felt the urge to go, or when they went
  2. Checkins to confirm these reports or retroactively report if they weren’t done in the moment.

We also strove keep things incredible simple, through minimizing the amount of content and choices on screen through progressive enhancement, making UI accessible and useable on a phone.

Sketch User flows

The team used these as clickable prototypes to test with several users within the demographic, provided by the researcher. This feedback helped us refine the flows before getting too deeply into development.

To addd delight to the process, we animated the “urge-o-meter”

Front end development

Working alongside a team of dedicated developers I worked within our Vue.js app framework to create a working web app that was deployed via Cordova. This work essentially boils down to discrete vue.js html components where we work together to realize each page of the app and piece it together.