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Panster turned plotter…

I never thought of myself as a plotter (I thought of myself as more of a panster) . Today, however, I just re-re-re-wrote the outline to my next chapter book about Naio the feather, and finally — it feels solid.

It felt hopeless here and there, like I’d never figure out the details or be satisfied with the way everything weaved together. Instead, I just kept thinking, jotting down ideas, and letting it rest if I got stuck; this is one very big reason why I don’t want editors or contracts or deadlines breathing down my neck. It would have turned this into more of a dire exercise, rather than the satisfying thought process it turned out to be.

Now I know how Naio changes from beginning to end; I know how the story ends and what is the main conflict. I’ve woven in a few side stories and given some depth to the other characters and why they exist, as well as some other characters that remain slightly enigmatic and symbolic.

The rest of the work, of course, is in how the story gets written, but at least I have a clear outline of chapters and progression. Now I can sit down and carve out each interaction and dialogue, in whatever order, and refine refine refine until it’s done, all the while hopefully dreaming up ways to make the images in my head become drawings.

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