Upcoming Events 11/12 & 11/13 — Christmas in Clawson + Leon & Lulu!

Yes, Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And that means Christmas isn’t very far behind. So if you’re looking for fun places to shop this coming weekend come to Clawson! Christmas in Clawson, Saturday 11/12 9-5 This event is coming back after a 3-year hiatus! Come stroll around Clawson high school, … Continue reading Upcoming Events 11/12 & 11/13 — Christmas in Clawson + Leon & Lulu!

The Tramp Printers

I haven’t even finished the book, but I can already tell you: if you have any love for the process of printing, history, or just have a love of good design and layout, then you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of The Tramp Printers from Eberhardt Press. Well written, beautifully designed … Continue reading The Tramp Printers

Cozy Illustrations!

I recently worked with a company to create woven—not printed—blankets with artwork from Tamaishi and Where All the Little Things Live. The results were a stunning pixel-art-like cotton blanket. They’re warm, cozy, and made to last. It won’t fade and the weave seems like it will stand up with time. I am currently curious if there’s any demand out there. … Continue reading Cozy Illustrations!