School Visits

Reading to fourth graders in Southfield

In my class visits, I share a chapter from one of my books, and engage students in the joy of creating. I share how my background as a musician, artist, designer and illustrator all comes together.

  • Live reading
  • Talk about my books’ connection to Japanese culture.
  • Listen to a chapter from the accompanying audiobook (hear samples)
    • My audiobooks are not just a reading. They include a soundtrack, sound effects and multiple voice actors to create an immersive, imaginative experience.
  • Engage students in drawing and talk about the iterative process of both writing and illustration.
  • Have all students fold an origami elephant (Zōsan is based on a Japanese folk song).
  • Hold a raffle to give away a book to one student, and everyone gets a bookmark & sticker
  • Cost: $150 for 1 hour presentation

Audience: Y5 – 5th grade.


Slides from presentation