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Down to about 30 copies…

Fulfilling a couple of orders this morning I realized that I’m down to about 33 copies of Zōsan. That’s good and bad news — great because I initially had 400 copies. But sad as well, because I don’t know if and how I’d be able to reprint it. Such is the catch-22 of my situation. I don’t end up with 10,000 books, but I also will eventually, realistically, run out.

And while a book like Tamaishi, being more “standard” is fairly easy to convert to Amazon for print on demand, Zōsan is not. I haven’t checked in a while, but KDP doesn’t support a wide horizontal format. Not to mention it wouldn’t be made in the same way.

So those of you out there holding a copy of Zōsan — realize you’ve got one of the few in existence.

But I will be reaching out to see about a digital reprint in the near future. It won’t be like the first edition, of course, but it will still be beautiful in its own right. The fact that I’ve sold almost all of the 400 copies I initially had is a sign that it’s a story that people want to read.

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