Kickstarter FAQ #1.1415926535: Why not digital?

/TLDR: Offset printing has aesthetic that I prefer and quality advantages of color and paper quality. Why would I pursue offset printing when it’s more expensive than digital? The short answer is: offset looks and feels better. I don’t expect to convince everyone, but everyone has different ideals. Digital printing has its advantages, but it’s … Continue reading Kickstarter FAQ #1.1415926535: Why not digital?


Fulfilling a couple of orders this morning I realized that I’m down to about 33 copies of Zōsan. That’s good and bad news — great because I initially had 400 copies. But sad as well, because I don’t know if and how I’d be able to reprint it. Such is the catch-22 of my situation. I … Continue reading Bittersweet

Cloudia’s Rage

“Cloudia opened her mouth silently and bubbled up to twice her original height. A swarm of icy shards erupted out from the dark purple inside her and spun around her head. An arm emerged from one side and drew back as the swarm of ice followed. Red slipped out of Naio’s grip and floated up … Continue reading Cloudia’s Rage

R&B used books

They are still far and few in between, but I occasionally get reading opportunities. R&B used books was the latest, and it is just what you might think it is: stacks of books to the ceiling. The owner, Beth, knows where just about any books you’re looking for is, but even as I walked in … Continue reading R&B used books