Where All the Little Things Live 3-minute sampler!

Over a year in the making, please enjoy this 3-minute sampler of the audiobook for Where All the Little Things Live! Featuring the talents of Stefanie Goodell (Juliette, Adele, Luna) Christine Kapusky (Naio, Cloudia) Michael Kuzmanovski (Red the Balloon, Antonio, Cornelius, Stefan) Maria Mikheyenko (Queen Irene, Adeline the Moth, Dali the Firefly) Calise Romero (Clover) ¡™ · Where All the … Continue reading Where All the Little Things Live 3-minute sampler!

Emmet Elephant’s Love

Within this tiny tale we learn how little Emmet the elephant navigates the large large and real emotions around grief and loss. Each page is decorated with a picture, full of life, color, and emotion. An accessible book for younger readers to spark a conversation about their feelings. You can find it on Diana’s website. Continue reading Emmet Elephant’s Love

First Copies

An old post from 2018 reminded me of how long I waited for Tamaishi, and what an absolute relief it was to finally, finally hold a copy in my hands. I thought the day would never arrive, but today is that day. The first copies of Where All the Little Things Live arrived at my … Continue reading First Copies