I have a lot of learn. I tend to get way ahead of myself, in particular since I graduated from art school. Shouldn’t I be good at this?

I have to work on turning down the self criticism, or thinking that every drawing has to be something so lovely I can brag about it on Instagram.

It’s clear that I want to someday be a better painter; I literally have not taken a painting class, nor with my hectic life at work and home with two young boysz really sat down to try. So there’s that. No sense getting uptight about something I’ve not really tried to do.

It comes down to these little steps, and the big goal. Someday, I know I’ll look back and wish perhaps I’d done it all sooner, and marvel at how far I’ve gotten. but I can’t get caught up in that too much; I must show up every day and do something. free myself and push myself. Then I’ll get to where I want to be.