RPS-15 : Scissors cut paper

This week my oldest son was excited to play Rock Paper Scissors with me while waiting for dinner at a restaurant. It’s impossible to resist someone who wants to play with such enthusiasm; he made it fun with every play, and he didnt care whether he won or lost. He was most giddy when when we would mirror each other repeatedly, or when I would do something funny when I lost.

One time, he mistakenly made a gesture like a gun, and that sparked a memory of a variant of the game I had seen some time ago. It was still online: RPS-15.

The guy who came up with this actually went insane and created a RPS with 101 different gestures, but it turns out that RPS-15 and probably RPS-25 are a lot of fun to play. My boy  was beside himself when I printed the layouts. He keeps them in his room and we play every morning, usually RPS-11. He loves looking up what happened every time.  

So I thought I could make this a goal: eventually draw some of the outcomes of RPS-15. There are a lot – I may not get through them all – but I can start with a few of the more interesting ones. 

Made with Paper / fiftythree.com