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R&B used books

They are still far and few in between, but I occasionally get reading opportunities. R&B used books was the latest, and it is just what you might think it is: stacks of books to the ceiling. The owner, Beth, knows where just about any books you’re looking for is, but even as I walked in a customer surprised her by finding something she didn’t even know she had.

There’s a resident cat and he’s loud mouthed and cute and has the two owners on a string butt shy seems okay with everyone involved. It’s library quiet in here, with only the occasional footstep and page flip emanating over the buzz of the fluorescent lights.

People meander in and out and talk at length with the bookstore owner Beth. They all know her well and have been coming to place for a while. She’s been here 16 years and that’s a feat — Borders shuttered only 8 years ago. She’s a proud and knowledgeable independent bookstore owner, and her savvy shows in that’s she’s survived this long.

I got to read a couple of chapters and talk with some of the folks that came in specifically to see me based on her social media posts. That’s such a treat, to know someone showed up just for you. So I also played the audiobook for them, something I don’t often get the chance to do. I sold some books and audiobooks, despite the rain that day.

Looking forward to doing this again, either with my existing books, or certainly with my forthcoming stories.

On the shelves at R&B Used books
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