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Cloudia’s Rage

Cloudia’s Rage

“Cloudia opened her mouth silently and bubbled up to twice her original height. A swarm of icy shards erupted out from the dark purple inside her and spun around her head. An arm emerged from one side and drew back as the swarm of ice followed.

Red slipped out of Naio’s grip and floated up into the sky towards Cloudia.

“What are you doing!?” said Naio.

Red dangled in front of Cloudia’s eyes, and danced back and forth in a figure eight. Cloudia’s eyes followed along with him.

“SING!” he yelled, just before Cloudia sprouted another arm with her bulging hand reaching for him.

“RED!” screamed Naio, but the cold, dark hand had already consumed him.

Not really multitasking…

I will be revisiting the text later; it’s not quite what I want it to be (I already changed a few things in mid post). But it’s been through one edit and it will go through another before it’s final. I just find it difficult to sway in between drawing and writing, so I have to stick with the drawing until it’s done before I swing back to the words.


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