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2020 Plymouth Local Author Fair

` The Plymouth Online Showcase

Take the Online Author Quiz and win a prize! (Correct answers not required… 🙂

In 2015, I was part of the Plymouth Local Author fair with my first book, Zōsan. There was a power outage at the library that weekend, but the library didn’t miss a beat and held the event in the nearby PARC public recreation facility.

I’m in the Plymouth Local Author Fair again in 2020. They require a new book each time you participate, and thankfully Tamaishi was still eligible! But as fate would have it, the pandemic has caused everything to shut down… but again the library was fazed. They moved everything online — even introducing a chance for a giveaway and an online quiz!

Annemarie Schiavi-Pedersen
Aryana Jharia
Ayushi Jharia
Barry D. Levine
Baxter Bramatti
Gary James Erwi
Ian Tadashi Moore
Kinyel Friday
Laura E Morrison
Laura Jannika
Loraine Hudson
Lucy Layne
Marietta Mills Jones
Megan Scussel
Michelle Alessandrini
Nicholas Crivac
Sarah Heinrichs
Susan Lauermann
Chef Valerie Wilson
Wanda Bryant
Zach Hose

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