ian tadashi moore

me (at) iantm.com

I am a writer, illustrator, designer, and musician, among other things.

My books in particular give me the opportunity to do all the things I truly love to do — from the writing the words, to typesetting them, to drawing the worlds I imagine. Music was my first love. I enjoy composing a soundtrack for the audiobooks I create.

For the time being, I have little interest in pursuing this as a full time career. Although that sounds lovely in the abstract, it seems to me that it would entail too many compromises to the other aspects of my life I value. I don't want external pressures of deadlines or writing to a market to get in the way of the process of just making and enjoying making these things. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to do these things without those pressures.

That may mean you'll never, ever see me on any bestseller lists, or even have any shiny seals on my books; I'm just happy to be making them at all. There is a big difference between running this like a business and running this like something that feeds my soul. There are no doubt those that have found a way to do both; but I haven't found that path yet. So I choose to follow the latter first.

I create these things for my kids, because someday it will be all they have left. I want them to remember me, my voice, my values. And I want them to learn the lessons of hope, joy and resilience I weave into the words of my books.